About Board Simple?

Board Simple started as just an idea. I was trying to find a video on how to play a particular board game, but couldn't find one that fit my particular learning style. The idea was that I would make my own tutorials of games, in my learning style. The idea moved into an actual product, and Board Simple was born. It became a hobby, and side project I worked on over the years, when I had the time.

As the years went by, I worked with more and more games. The more I worked with them, the more value I saw in games. I started seeing games as more than just something you can use to have fun, I started seeing their greater purpose as a way to learn and connect with others. This led me to reflect on my own childhood and how much games helped me develop and break through my own obstacles, such as my shyness

The goal of Board Simple started as simply teaching people how to play games. Now the goal has expanded to include both working to show the value of games, and making games more accessible to people. I believe that games hold a lot of power. The contents of a game box contain the power to bring people together. They allow people to do things they might not have the ability to do in everyday life. You can buy extravagent things with paper money, and return them to the box without consequence. You can take risks that you would never take in real life. Most importantly, games teach valuable life skills to people of all ages. Lessons from how to win and lose, to how to think critically, and strategize can be found in games. Games are important. They should be accessible to everyone!

view of one of the many Board Simple filming locations, in my basement.

A view from one of the many filming locations of Board Simple. This one was in the basement of my first house.

The collection of tutorial videos have been shot at several different locations over the years. Several took place at my old house, some at family member's houses, and some of them were even shot from the van conversion I traveled in for two years. Because I don't directly make money from these videos, I use what I have available to make them happen. The nomadic lifestyle I have, means the videos are shot in the location I have available. Along with that, I'm one person, and I run Board Simple by myself. Yes, I do everything from studying the rules, creating a script, shooting the videos, and editing them. They have never, and will never, be perfect. This is another way Board Simple has helped me, it is helping me battle an unhealthy relationship with perfectionism.